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What's New in AssetHub 4.0?

Jennifer Sneider Updated by Jennifer Sneider

UX Updates

We've listened to user feedback and made some visual changes to improve your workflow! While the site looks a bit different, we've retained all functionality and added a few more bells and whistles. We think you'll enjoy having more screen real estate to view your Assets.

Top Navigation Bar

We've moved the left navigation bar to the top of the page, freeing up space for all your chosen columns. Quickly toggle between Studio, Franchise, Series, and Divisions by clicking the caret on the left.

We've also added breadcrumbs so you can always tell which page you're on with a quick glance at the navigation bars. On the top navigation bar, the page you're on is highlighted with a different color. On the secondary navigation bar, the page you're on is underlined in orange.

Background Color Changes

For easier navigation, you'll notice a color difference between the Asset Index and Transaction Index. When viewing Assets, the page background is blue; when viewing Transactions, the background is orange.


The side navigation filter has been converted to a collapsible toggle available on the Asset Index, Transaction Index, and Series/Franchise Settings pages.

You'll also notice the search result indicator and the Clear Filters button have moved to the right side of the page.

Bulk Options

In order to make it clearer and faster to update your Assets in bulk, we separated the actions that were previously found using the Bulk Options button into new Bulk Buttons: Add/Update, Move, Request, Merge, Bulk Reconcile, and Export. We also made it possible to bulk update Studio custom picklist fields.

You'll also notice the checkboxes to select Assets have moved to the left side of the page, as well as the indicator of how many Assets are selected.

Notification Counters

There is now a handy counter for certain features, making it easier to know where you have outstanding work.

On the top navigation bar, you'll see a counter displaying the number of unreconciled Transactions in a Series/Franchise. You'll also see the number of open Requests at the Studio level.

On the secondary navigation bar, you'll see a counter displaying the number of Assets For Review in a Series/Franchise.

Asset and Location History

We've clarified what you see in the Asset and Location History so it is more obvious when an owner has changed. All location and owner changes appear on the Location History tab, and all other Asset field changes appear on the Asset History tab.

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