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SyncOnSet 5.0 Webinars

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Welcome to SyncOnSet 5.0! In this series of webinars, explore all of the new and exciting features of our platform and discover how to streamline your production from prep through wrap!

Remember to download the new SyncOnSet 5.0 app on the App Store or Google Play.

Department Heads

Managing Wrap, Continuity Book, Reports, and exporting Inventory to Asset Hub

Episodic Teams

Episodic Workflows & Block Shooting (Web/Mobile)

Costume Department

Costume Web Users: Adding Inventory, Changes, and Photos

On-Set Costumers: Using the Mobile App

Hair & Makeup Departments

Hair and Makeup Teams: Using the Mobile App

Props Department

Props Team: Using the Mobile App

Set Dec Department

Set Dec Team: Using the Mobile App

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